Every home, no matter the size, age or style seems to share a common problem – difficult spaces that you just don’t know what to do with. This might be an alcove, an understairs area, an interestingly shaped window or corner. It could even be an awkwardly shaped or sized room that doesn’t quite seem to fit your furniture.

Luckily, there is a solution. Clever storage that is practical and fits beautifully into any difficult corner or alcove. No matter the space, there is a solution that is perfect for your home and your lifestyle.




Every home seems to have that difficult spot that doesn’t seem to quite fit anything into it. Furniture is either too big or the wrong shape and your usual shelving and decorations just doesn’t seem right. But if you leave it empty then the spot feels bare and lacking in decor. These are the perfect places for adding a little extra storage into your room. Even if you can’t find the piece of furniture that fits it, there are still plenty of options for a bespoke crafted item or a built-in storage solution. No space is too awkwardly shaped or difficult for some beautifully made, handcrafted furniture, shelving, or storage.

Image: Hôtel des Academies et des Arts in Paris by Lizée Hugot Architecture


Shelving in a tight corner or alcove is a great place to display art and cherished items or you could create a library area to store your favourite reads. It is also a wonderfully versatile solution that fits any style and space available.  You can fill a large alcove with wall to ceiling shelving and add beautiful storage baskets or leave the shelves free for any items you need.  

Sloping ceilings in rooms are tricky spaces to fill with practical and stylish furniture. One fantastic method for solving this issue is to have some clever storage built into the walls. These provide even the most difficult of space with ample storage. It also helps to straighten up some of the lines of the room which helps to make the rest of the room an easier space to fit your furniture in.

Alcoves and corners are also a fantastic place to add a bench, reading nook or relaxing area to your home.  These spaces can be as practical as they are beautiful with added storage that is either on view or hidden away from sight.




Hallways are a problem area in many homes. These are spaces that seem to collect clutter easily. This can turn a light and welcoming hallway into a room that feels a little messy and complicated. Hallway storage is often overlooked when building our homes and designing our interiors but are the one of the most important areas of our homes that need good storage solutions.


Having a handy place to store items or your coats, hats and shoes is a must in any home. To make the most of your hallway you could have some fitted storage and seating built into the space you have, designed to suit your individual style.

The stairs are often the main focal point of any hallway. In many homes they are the first thing you see when you enter a home. A great staircase and hallway is a welcoming area that sets the feel and tone for your entire home as well as providing a transitioning space as you move from room to room.

Stairs are not problem free. They take up a large amount of space and also leave pockets and areas of space that are difficult to use. The most common of these is the understairs area that is a difficult space to fill with furniture and remain usable.  

Staircases come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Every understairs space is unique and requires a bespoke solution. For light and airy understairs spaces then a collection of plants, art and beloved objects might be enough to fill the space and add a touch of design to your stair area.

For more confined, hidden, or darker understairs spaces then storage is a wonderful option that can make the area feel purposefully designed and provide you with ample space for all  of those shoes, coats, dog leads, umbrellas and other outdoor paraphernalia that needs a home where it is accessible and practically stored.

When it comes to storage solutions for your understairs area, the options are varied and can include anything from cupboards and closets to bespoke fitted drawers that can be pulled out for easy access. We love the idea of getting creative with your understairs storage. This is a space that can house all sorts of storage solutions. From bookshelves and art showcases to wine storage, closets or even a playroom or pet home, your stairs have so much potential to add something unique, practical, and beautiful to your home. 






Windows can be a difficult space to fill - the area is usually slightly too small to fit bulky furniture items, but also slightly too big to just leave empty. A bay window though offers a great place for a light and airy reading nook. If you are looking for something practical as well as beautiful then you could have some seating and storage built into the space you have available.


Design Bent Architecture, Photography Tatjana Plitt


Under seat storage can remain hidden if you want a practical space to hide away clutter or bulky items such as extra blankets and cushions that you want to have to hand but don’t want on view. Another option is to leave your storage open and store books or decorative items that add to the character of your home. 




Storage can be beautiful as well as practical. With a little creativity and imagination, you can fit storage into any space in your house.

When you next spot a space in your home that feels like it needs a little something special, consider how you would like to utilise the space. From there you can add some great bespoke storage solutions that enable you to use even the most difficult areas of your home.





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