Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones isn’t always easy especially when you are looking for something a little extra special. The shop shelves are full of things to buy, magazines are filled with ideas for presents, but sometimes you want something a little more exceptional to gift to your loved one for Christmas or any special occasion.


Have you ever considered giving your loved ones a truly bespoke, practical, and luxurious gift that they will not only appreciate for Christmas (and the other special events we explore below) but all year around and for many years to come? Bespoke and beautifully made furniture, kitchens or specially built home fixings may not seem like the obvious choice but what better idea is there? It is a gift that can be made personal to the recipient, it fulfils a need, it’s thoughtful and it adds something beautiful to their home. On top of this, if you get the right piece of furniture built it could even last them a lifetime, giving them joy for not just this Christmas but their future Christmases too!




Choosing bespoke furniture and fittings is a little trickier than buying the usual presents you can purchase off the shelf. This extra thought is what makes the gift so special! However, it does mean you would need to put a little extra time and planning. You may even need to involve the gift recipient in the decision making and planning to ensure they get the right gift for their home and lifestyle.
How much involvement a gift recipient needs will depend on what you are planning on getting them. For fitted furnishings such as shelving, fitted wardrobes, cupboards, and kitchens they will need some input to ensure everything is measured, fitted, and designed in the way they would want. But who says that every gift must be a surprise? The process of designing and choosing these fittings is enjoyable and it is something you can do with them and is a great way to spend time together.

However, if you do want it to remain a surprise and have something for them to open on their special day, you could always write a card or make a gift voucher to give them with an explanation of your plans. You could even frame this rather than just pop it into an envelope. Or you could get inventive. Find a piece of dolls house furniture or small gift that represents the item you plan to buy them and write a card with an explanation and wrap it up for them to have a lovely surprise! This way they still get their surprise, but they also get to be part of the decision-making process too.

For smaller or stand-alone pieces of bespoke furniture you may be able to have it made and surprise them with a fully made piece of luxury furniture. Just make sure you get the measurements right so that it will fit into their homes.




Christmas is a wonderful time to get somebody that extra special something that they will use and cherish not just now but for many years. Some special items may even end up being family heirlooms passed down the generations! But Christmas isn’t the only time to give wonderful gifts. Think about how wonderful a special item of furniture would be for a housewarming or wedding present. Or a specially made piece of children’s furniture for a christening? When you start to think about the special times in our lives, the options for gifting something bespoke for the home are endless.




Christmas is the perfect time of year to gift a friend, family member, or special couple almost anything you can imagine. But you can make your present feel a little festive by choosing to gift something that will be used a little more often during festive seasons.

A custom-made wine rack or drinks cabinet is a useful piece of furniture to have in the house at any time of year. But when it comes to Christmas time and entertaining family and guests, having a beautiful place in which to store and serve your drinks from is not just useful but it’s a great talking point too – especially if the furniture is made from a stunning wood. These can be standalone pieces of furniture that fit into any room, or they can be built into alcoves and corners as needed.

Finding a good place in which to store Christmas decorations and paraphernalia before they go into the cupboard or loft isn’t always easy. A useful Christmas gift would be to have a beautiful storage chest made that will fit all those cherished decorations safely. Just imagine how wonderful it would feel to get this Christmas chest out of storage each year! The smells of Christmas, mixed with the memories and the hope that Christmas brings all in one box! You could even have the box engraved with a design or family name to make it a little extra thoughtful and personalised. This is a present that is practical now but for a young couple of family will bring wonderful feelings of Christmas nostalgia, year after year.




When somebody moves into a new home, especially if it is their first, there is usually a long list of needed items and pieces of furniture. This makes it the perfect time to get them a wonderful bespoke piece of furniture or house fixing. Not only does it truly help a new family get established in their new home, but you have the opportunity to buy them something beautiful that will last them in this home and into their future.

Any new house needs its heart creating and for many homes this is the kitchen. This is the place where memories are made, conversations are had, homework and work are completed, and people spend time socialising together. It’s the room in the house that needs to mix practicality with beautiful interior design the most to ensure it covers every need.

A new kitchen made from beautiful materials is a generous, thoughtful, and practical gift that will be used, cherished, and loved for a long time. This is a gift that will need to be talked through and chosen together with your lucky gift recipients. They will need to have the kitchen that works for them after all.
If a kitchen isn’t the right gift but you want to gift something for the kitchen, then why not a kitchen table? This is a piece of furniture that needs to be sturdy enough for daily use but it can be beautiful too. Just imagine a wooden table made from stunning wood, made perfectly to fit the kitchen space available, with comfortable chairs to match. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen table is the heart of the kitchen. This is the piece of furniture most often used and where most of our cherished memories are made - from baking cookies with children to sipping wine with our friends.




A wedding is a special occasion than doesn’t get repeated very often. It’s only natural that we want to get the happy couple started with some beautiful and practical gifts they will enjoy. What each couple needs and wants for their wedding differs but if you want to give them something a little more special than the items on their gift registry list, then furniture or home fixings is a wonderful idea.

Even if a soon to be married couple already live together there are still lots of things they may need or want in their home. If they live together then a wedding is a good opportunity to replace old and worn furniture with something new and special. For example, a bespoke made wooden bedframe with new mattress and even bedding if you want to include everything needed is a wonderful long-lasting gift. They can be made to match the couple’s style and taste and with care, a well-built bedframe should last for years.

Other furniture items you might want to consider are wine racks – you could even have one purposefully built into a handy nook in their home such as an underused understairs area. Or you could have some beautiful living room furniture made – a beautiful wooden coffee table, shaped, honed and made from a beautiful piece of wood is not just useful but it makes a great addition to the décor of their main relaxation area.




Did you know that it’s traditional to choose a wooden gift for a partner on your fifth anniversary? The origins of this tradition date back to Victorian times and each year is represented by a type of material to make or buy a present out of. Wood is a great year because it gives you the opportunity to get something practical, beautiful, and thoughtful such as a bespoke piece of furniture that both of you will enjoy for many years to come. Even if it isn’t your fifth year together any anniversary is a wonderful time to show your special someone just how much you care.

A tea or coffee station would make a fantastic gift for a partner or couple who enjoys their morning cup of coffee. This is a piece of furniture that can either be standalone or built into an appropriate cupboard, nook, or cranny in a home. It contains everything you could need to make your morning coffee time run smoothly. A bonus is that it looks great in your kitchen too!




Welcoming a new baby to the family is a beautiful experience and their christening is a special time to introduce the baby to your extended family and friends as well as celebrate a new life together.

When choosing a christening gift, you can either choose something to cherish and keep or something a little more practical. Luckily if you want to gift a practical gift you don’t have to miss out on it being an item that will be kept and loved for years – especially if you have something made specially for the little one.

A beautifully crafted crib or changing table make a fantastic gift for a new baby. Having one made specially for your child or grandchild is a special gift that whilst it doesn’t last them a lifetime of use themselves, if it is well made and stored it can be used for generations of children. As an added touch you could have it engraved with the family name or a design that is unique to your family. For older children you could have a child size desk and chair made that is perfect for them to sit and read, draw, spend time doing activities.




Christmas and any special occasions are a fantastic opportunity to give something unique, special, and thoughtful. Gifting anybody the gift of crafted furniture, joinery or home fittings is an opportunity to really show them you care, not just on their special day but throughout their lives. It shows you have thought about what they want, need and have chosen the perfect item that will improve their lives and their homes. And it will keep doing so throughout the years and all future Christmases and special occasions too.  




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