There is a lot of knowledge, skill, experience and craftmanship that goes into knowing just how to work with wood to ensure that any piece of furniture or home fixing is well-crafted and beautiful. But there are also a lot of tools and machinery too! From the basics that every joiner learns to master, right up to fantastic machinery that not only makes the job easier, but help us to create something that is both practical and beautiful to add to your home decor.

One of these impressive machines is the FELDER Brushing Machine. This is a brushing machine for wood which helps to create the right surface texture and finish of the wood used to make floors, kitchens, furniture and more.







All wood has a natural grain and texture, but this can be enhanced with the right tools and techniques. When wood is treated it goes through a series of processes that include milling, planing, smoothing and sanding until the finish of the wood is ready to use in a home. The problem is that this can lose some of the impact of the natural wood grain and surface texture that makes natural wooden floors and furniture so wonderful.

Using brushing techniques, we can restore this natural texture. This is what we use the Felder brushing machine for. It helps us enhance the natural feel and grain of the wood which enables us to create a beautiful finish. This technique also allows for a surface that is better to be stained, waxed, and oiled so that when we apply a stain or colour, we can ensure that we get the right colour and that the beautiful wood grain beneath the stain is enhanced.




The Felder brushing machine is a robust piece of machinery, and it needs to be in order to provide a stable basis to work with and to produce great finishes on a variety of pieces of wood, including the larger pieces needed for floors and home fittings. With a great specification, this is one machine that truly helps us create the perfectly finished wood required to create beautifully designed wooden fixtures in homes.

Some of the highlights if this machine are:

- One side remains open for feeding wood through the machine allowing us to work with larger pieces of wood when required.

- It can cope with sturdy plank heights up to 250mm.

- A great control system, with touch screen included which enables us to program each job perfectly. It also has a memory for up to 100 programs so that we can easily access our most common settings.

- The brushing units are one of the most important parts of any brushing machine and this one is equipped with two brushing units powered by a 4kW motors. One brush is a 200m steel brushes fitted as standard and the second is a Tynex brush both with electric fine adjustment possibilities.

- The machine also has dust extraction included to help with some of the dust created in the process.

- The speed of the infeed is variable using a continuous belt to give an adjustable speed for better control.

- 1000mm Foldaway infeed and outfeed worktables.

- Motorised in and outfeed functions.

- Infeed and outfeed include repeat control for productivity over repeat work processes.

- The speed adjustment is variable – 2.5 – 10m per minute allowing for greater control.






The most common use for this brushing machine is to prepare wood for making stunning wooden floors and ensuring that the finish makes the most of the natural grain and texture of the wood whilst ensuring the wood is smooth enough to make it comfortable underfoot. Using this machine also helps us to prepare the wood for staining, waxing, and oiling and provides a better surface to get the finished colour precisely right for the room the wood is being prepared for.

However, this machine can be useful for far more than wooden floors. If you are looking to achieve a natural wood finish to your home decor, then using wood that has been brushed and finished using a brushing machine can help to achieve this. Using natural wood in home decor is a classically timeless look that fits beautifully into most homes. Wood, finished well and crafted into beautiful homewares is practical, easy to clean and maintain and it looks stunning too.




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